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Are you a Celebrant or Couple seeking wedding vows or ceremonies information....

....A fresh new approach to your wedding vows or ceremonies, inspiration, or just tons of new ideas to add more meaning and depth for your special occasion?

Welcome to my website!

You just might find what you are looking for right on this website!

Whether you are a celebrant seeking new ideas and a fresh new approach or a couple looking for guidance and inspiration, you will find sample wedding vows and ceremonies, readings, blessings, music suggestions and symbolic rituals that will enhance and deepen the meaning of your ceremony.

My ceremony ideas are different and I have created this guide with you in mind.

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As a couple, exactly what am I offering you?

* You will discover how to create perfect ceremony and wedding vows for you and your loved one.

* You will also learn the secrets of personalizing your ceremony for whatever occasion you have in mind!

As a celebrant this guide offers you.........complete ceremonies for all lifes occasions..

Here's what some couples and celebrants think of Elizabeth's wedding vows and ceremonies guide and digital reports.

VB from Hawaii

Hi Elizabeth, I did get it downloaded and took a quick peek at whats in it! I am very excited about what I saw. I saw several readings that are perfect for my sister-in-law's vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii. Also got some great ideas for the order of the ceremony so this is going to make planning fun and easy! I had purchased another ebook, and regret that I didn't find yours first! I think its great! Thank you!! V B

J and R a couple from Queensland, Australia

“Your ceremony and vows guides provided us with truly lovely vows and ceremony! We loved it. We feel that the whole thing fitted together really well and meaningfully. We loved the way the readings from the grandchildren related to the proceedings and truly reflected what we would like to have said. Thank you for the resources you provided for us; it really made things so straightforward and with so many variations to choose from it really felt like we had been clever enough to compose it all ourselves.”

K, a celebrant from Queensland, Australia says......

"I have read the wedding ceremonies and vows reports, and thought it fantastic value for the price. I was mainly looking for inspiration but found so much more. I am always looking for books that are celebrant/ceremony related. I try to keep up to date and inspired. Sometimes just a phrase can be enough to really get the creative thoughts/writing going."

J, a celebrant from Orange County California.........

"Can't believe I have found a little goldmine of wedding vows and ceremonies with such a different approach. I can't thank you enough for such inspiring ceremonies. I am constantly borrowing from your amazing reports, from the readings, the rituals, the vows and introduction passages. You deliver much more than you promise!"

L, a celebrant in the UK says......

"It's great to have a ceremonies and vows resource like this to turn to for inspiration. Your super guides have definitely made an impression on my work as a celebrant"

J and H, a couple from Arizona......

"From the moment we downloaded the ceremonies and vows guidebooks we knew we had found something special. You made it so easy for us.......we eloped to celebrate our marriage and took our very personal ceremony along with us........."

This collection of wedding vows and ceremonies will provide you with inspiration and practical ideas to help you with your ceremony.

See for yourself the full range of Elizabeth's special, unique reports and guides.........

My wedding vows and ceremonies guide is meant to be helpful and inspiring. To provide you with information to make the path to your celebration or ceremony far easier to navigate.

alt text

My wish for you is.......

No matter what the reason for your celebration or your ceremony, with my prewritten wedding vows and ceremonies and your personalized changes or additions, together we can make your ceremony unique.

We can reflect who you are, your true essence.......

To build lasting, satisfying memories into every ceremony

Just a quick note to let you know we are still in the process of building this website, and content is continually being added.

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Divorce ceremony or separation ritual signifies the ending of a relationship.
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Baby naming ceremony - is an ancient family ritual to welcome a child..
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A home blessing symbolically imprints your energy into your new home.
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Ritual ceremonies are meaningful symbolic practices.
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Unity candle ceremonies express cultural and social values.
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